Mission Driven Culture

Credit Dream mission driven culture and corporate philosophy

universal access credit


"We Have a Dream: Universal Access to Credit"



Provide Universal Access to Credit



Provide Access to Credit to the whole world (with a lower cost) through blockchain technology.

Corporate philosophy

Help people achieve their dreams through access to credit and growth opportunities.

Sense of Purpose and meaning


Social Responsibility


Respect for the human being


Background of the credit problem

According to the Global Findex report [1], two billion people around the world do not have access to financial services, and especially access to credit. Existing banking infrastructure is expensive and consequentially, banking conglomerates typically make their services unavailable to the poorest populations or those living in remote areas. This is a particular problem in emerging economies. The problem of access to credit can be reduced to three factors: (1) the high cost of capital; (2) information asymmetry; (3) the high cost of banking infrastructure. When compared to developed countries, under-developed countries have a lower credit offering ratio and a higher interest rate spread, making credit more expensive and savings less remunerative. This is particularly a problem in Latin America and the Caribbean. A combination of the banking sector’s market power, systemic inefficiencies, default risks, lack of liquidity, exchange rate volatility, complexity of banking operations, and tax regulation contributes to an unfavorable scenario for consumers who ultimately experience high implicit and explicit fees.

[1] A. Demirg¨u¸c-Kunt, L. F. Klapper, D. Singer, and P. Van Oudheusden, “The global findex database 2014: Measuring financial inclusion around the world,” 2015.


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